I'm Munaf Aqeel Mahdi a full stack web developer from Iraq, Babil. born in 1999 and raised in a small town (Al-Mahawil).
Interested in programming and I.T. world and also in photography.

In 2011 or 2012 as I can remember :) was the first computer I've got which is (Laptop DELL) and I was a geek in computers and all what is related to it. I was thinking about how application works and how can I build my own and share it with people and like so...

Programming was just a hobby and a thing that I love to do all the time and I was not thinking about making a money or it will be my job in the future, all I was thinking about and all I was doing is a hobby and having fun with it.
In the school specifically the fourth preparatory stage I learnt my first programming language (Visual Basic 6) and from this point I started my programming career.

This was a simple summary about me :)

Experience and about my work
I have more than +3 years in this field and I'm working now as a freelancer in web development and I built a lot of open source and paid projects and now I have a good experience in this field because I learnt a lot and I still learning day by day even this moment because I.T. by general is a renewable world and every day you can find a new thing may help you to do a specific thing in a better way or may help you doing it faster than ever ...

My Skills
Web Development - Front End (HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, VueJS, ReactJS, NextJS, NuxtJS....etc)

Web development - Back End (PHP, Laravel PHP Framework, NodeJS, API's ...etc)

UI/UX Desgin

Linux distributions

Photoshop, Illustrator