Hi everyone, in this article I’m going to show you how to build a complete real-time messaging app with Laravel and Chatify.

Now you may asking, what is Chatify? well, Chatify is “a Laravel package that helps you add a complete real-time messaging system to your new / existing application with only one command.” .. So you will get a complete chat app in one minute just by installing this package .. the UI, Backend, configurations … all is done for you and can be customized to meet your needs.


  • The reason why Chatify package was created.
  • Requirements.
  • Features.
  • Installing Chatify in our app.
  • Package configurations.

The reason why this package was created.
I was building apps (open source, personal, paid ..) that requires me a messaging system, and each time I build an app, I have to re-build the chat system. Then, one day .. 
I was thinking about a way to make this thing easier that re-build it each time, and at the same time how to make it public for other developers to use and improve it! 
I've got an idea which is to develop a Laravel package .. but first I have to read about this to check if it is possible .. I've read official Laravel documentation about package development and a lot of articles about this topic to start the development on my own package... So after I knew it is possible .. I started my development and named the package Chatify.


  • A Laravel application (New / Existing) >=v5.4
  • PHP >=5.3.2.
  • Pusher account.


  • Users / groups(soon) chat system.
  • Real-time contacts list updates.
  • Favorites contacts list (Like stories style) and add to favorite button.
  • Saved Messages to save your messages online like Telegram messenger app.
  • Search functionality.
  • Contact item's last message indicator (e.g. You: ....).
  • Real-time user's active status.
  • Real-time typing indicator.
  • Real-time seen messages indicator.
  • Real-time internet connection status.
  • Upload attachments (Photo/File).
  • Shared photos, delete conversation.. (User's info right side).
  • Responsive design with all devices.
  • User settings and chat customization : user's profile photo, dark mode and chat color. with simple and wonderful UI design.

Demo video on Youtube

Installing Chatify in our app

Follow the installation steps at the official documentation.

Package Configurations

After installing the package, you can find a configuration file at config/chatify and from this file you can change Chatify default configurations as mentioned in the official documentation.

Don't forget to share it and give the repo  a star on Github

Thanks :)