In this simple article I'm going to talk about how to test web app on localhost server with slow connection or fast or like so.

You may ask.. why I need to make my localhost connection slow or like so !!?
You don't need to make it like that, but sometimes you need to test some feature in your app that needs a slow connection like loading and something like that.

we are not going to edit or configure something in our local server, but all what we gonna do is change an option in your browser.

So now let's see how we can do that:
*We working on Chrome browser, but the same on other browser

First, open your app and click mouse right click button and then choose Inspect
 Second, select Network tab and then the online list
 Third, Select slow or fast connection, or select online to cancel it
 or you can customize a connection as you like by choosing Add
 and click on Add custom profile... and then select your connection name, upload, download.... then click Add .. after that you will see it with the list of connection (online,slow,fast.....)