In this article I'm going to talk about "CubeTalk" ,
This simple project built by Munaf Aqeel Mahdi (Which is me) and it's an open source php project.. built on PHP Laravel Framework and uploaded on github so that means anyone can edit or use it as he like because it is open source.

Now, let's talk about the features of the script and what is CubeTalk?

CubeTalk is a website like Sarahah/Sayat, used to send anonymous messages and receive honest messages and like so.
If you used these website that I mentioned you should got the idea of it :)


  • Responsive on all devices.
  • Multi-language (EN, AR available by default) and you can add more languages.
  • RTL system.
  • Send a feedback contains a text or text with photo.
  • Comment on feedback.
  • Notifications about the new received feedback.
  • Red border on the top of the sent message to show if he\she read it or not (Seen feature).
  • User verify system.
  • Share profile URL.
  • Delete post or comment.
  • Feedback privacy (Public/Private)
  • And login,register,reset password,settings, profile.... 

Things not completed yet

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Block, Report user

These things can anyone develop them as he like :)

Download and Demo
Download    Demo

Installing the script 
You need the follow these steps carefully as it showed
First, Installation
Second, Important after Installation
Third, Configurations

And Enjoy it :)