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Today in this article I'm going to show you how to create your own social network with "Wallstant", This open source php project is simple and maybe not covers all what you need but I think it gonna help you to build your own, I would like to mention that I created this script in 2017 .. and the script was just for learning and of course you may face a lot of issues and also it is not built on OOP, it is pure PHP only and not a clean code that anyone could understand like so...

So, Now lets start with the script
I'm going to show you some of pictures about the script

Profile Page

Home Page


Admin Dashboard(Control Panel)

  • Open source
This PHP script is open source on GitHub just download it and start developing
  • Fast and Secure
Fast & Secure from the most common PHP vulnerabilities not 100% but good to now
  • Fully Featured
Like, comment, share, save post, report, verify system , messages, notifications and more..
  • Messaging system
Full messaging system, user typing status, seen message, emoji's.. discover it yourself
  • Emoji system
Send,comment and post emoji's .. emoji's by -Emoji One- easy and wonderful emoticons
  • Verify badge
Let's people know that an account of public interest is authentic with our verify user system
  • Multi Language
This script supports multi languages,Main languages are (English - Arabic)..You can add any language you want.
  • Supports RTL

This script supports RTL (right-to-left) design for Arabic, Urdu, Farsi directions.

and much more..... discover it yourself :)

Now let's go to download it and installing the script
Server Requirements:
  • PHP 5.6 or higher (Recommended)
  • MySQL 5 or higher (Recommended) / charset : utf8mb 4 can be used.
  • MySQLi (PDO Extension) Required


1. First of all, Download the script and extract it on your device [Desktop].
  • Go To this link (The official website)
  • Click on Download Button
  • Click on the green button Clone or Download then press Download ZIP, and after that do not forget to follow and give the project a star on GitHub.

2. Open your phpMyAdmin and create new database and call it wallstant.
3. Import wallstant.sql to your new database that you created, you can find wallstant.sql from wallstant folder that you extracted, in database folder.

4. Edit connect.php file from config > connect.php, set username and password and database name to your DB name ,pass and username.

5. Upload wallstant folder to your host [localhost --> www/ or htdocs folder] or [Shared hosting -->public or www folder].
That's it, Enjoy.